Monday, August 7, 2017


In persuasion some people persuade other people.So what persuade means is trying to let other people vote for you or making people go on you side.

Why Do They Do It
They do it for money like coco cola they try to persuade you to buy it,some people do it to stop you for doing it like don't smoke weed,others make you do it like smoke weed.The most important thing people do is VOTING! voting is very important to famous people or to make people on your side.

Image result for persuasive humorSome Tool They Us
some tools they us is humor(humor means funny things)here a photo of humor.Sometimes they are not funny.Some have celebrities in them like actors or singers so people can buy them.Some shops say'buy one get one free' sometimes they lie to you.Other people do scare tactics it is mostly on smoking.Smoking is very bad for your children I what it to stop.

if you never done persuade in your life.It is cool cause in my class we do persuasion so you could do it.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Brazil is a big country holding alot of cites with 207.8 million people in it.

Capital city
Brasilia is the capital of Brazil.It was founded in April 21th 1960 and it was built in 41 months.That's long.

Climate And Terrain
Brazil has a coast mountain ranges and a vast central plateau.The hottest part of Brazil is the north east, the temperature is more then 38`c (100`F).The Downer coast's (that is Recife to Rio De Janeiro) average temperature is 23`c to 27`c (73 to 81 `F) and the average  temperature everywhere else is 20`c (68`F).

Natural resources
Some of Brazil's resources are Iron ore,gold,nickel,clay,bauxite,manganese,sand,gems and timber are minerals.

8000 years ago there were people living there they were called Indians.After the European nation eventually arrived to get south America from Asia they needed to cross Pacific Ocean or being strait.
Then in the 1690s when they found gold they started to trade gold for other stuff.

Brazilian's eat barbequed meat,cachaca is a beer or a drink,fried bar snack in Brazil it looks which like a dumpling,quindim is popular for baked dessert in Brazilian and Brigadeircs is chocolate sprinkes with hot chocolate inside.

Famous Landmark
Brazil's famous landmarks include lguazu falls which is just a waterfall that is long and with other waterfalls too,Corcovado mountain is located in Rio de Janeiro and its 710 meters long.One of the famous
landmarks is christ the Redeemer.The statue of christ is on the Corcovado mountain and sugar loaf mountain has been in movies even like the 1979 Jame Bond flim and it's 396m high.

Brazil's Rio carnival started in 1723.Two millon people go there per day.Its been the biggest carnival in the whole world. It's location is in Rio De Janeiro. They do new years too.

Famous People
One of Brazil's famous people is Pele he was born on 23 oct 1940 he was a soccer player. now he's 76 years old and 1.73 meters. Naymar he's a soccer player,he was born in 5 feb 1992,1.75 meters. Last one is Ronaldindo is a soccer player he's born in 1980 21 march his height is 1.81 meters now he is the number 80.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

colour poem

colour poem

looks like the fresh tree
tastes like a juicy apple
feels like the big flanks
sounds like sweet happy trolls singing
smell like a smelly bad frog

Monday, May 8, 2017

I survived the Nazi invasion

I Survived The Nazi by Lauren Tarshis
          Invasion, 1994      Screenshot 2017-05-03 at 11.38.53 AM.png
get ready to SURVIVE a big invasion.Get ready to fight for your place Max,Rosen and his sister zena will be in this story when there father is gone with the Nazi’s,there trying to survive with food and water,getting out to the forest and Nazi looking for them a they going to survive.


Sunday, April 30, 2017



On the 7th of April we went to a tennis game for Davis cup.It was Korea vs New Zealand it was the first time I watch a real tennis match. It rain three times then it stopped hoary the two player went out of there rest rooms. Michael Venus was playing for New Zealand and ? for Korea.It was a fine but in the 1st round Korea was winning New Zealand was trying to catch up. Points were 3 to New Zealand and 5 to Korea.New Zealand with a great hit on the ball Korea with a hit to New Zealand, New Zealand with the hit it makes the point.4 to New Zealand "can New Zealand catch up"said me Korea with a hit and they won Korean people at the side saying there Korean words it was a bit cool.  

   At the 2nd round Korea serve the ball to New Zealand.Michael Venus with all his might on the tennis racket it made the point having a break off like for 5 secs then on their team cheering for them at the side even the kids were cheering loud the other schools were louder then us Dawson.One off the school left at the 2nd round. After that school left there were just 2 of the school there. So the game went on 2 to New Zealand.

It was awesome at round 2 cause New Zealand won it was.So on the game NZ hit the ball then Korea hit it but NZ was hitting the ball hard so Korea can't hit it.Then they got the point it was 4 to NZ and 3 to Korea everyone cheering loud.

We were eating our food and some of us were watching.After NZ winning we had to go.

It was a awesome game in the first time we went the right way.After a few meters away we stared to go the wrong way room 16 was leading the way to it then room 18 lead the right way so everyone followed room 18.



Monday, March 27, 2017

All about me

All About Me
Hi my name is Jayden and I'm going to tell, All about me.I'm 10 years old turning 11 ,I'm year 6.I'm a nice boy that Plays touch,ripper tag and american football.I have 2 brothers and 1 sister .I have brown hair and I go Dawson Primary too. now have fun on the video.

If you don't know american football here is a video about it enjoy this video.